What is Mental Health?

Happiness Hacks




Here is a list of happiness hacks we can use to boost important “happiness chemicals” such as:


Dopamine  >  Reward

Oxytocin  >  Love/Bonding

Serotonin    >  Happiness/Mood

Endorphins  >  Energy/Pain-Killer



Dopamine is often associated with reward-seeking and goal – oriented behavior.

Complete a small and easy task

Making your bed

Washing the dishes

Finish an email

Celebrate a small win

Something you accomplished recently

Eat a healthy but enjoyable snack

In moderation

Complete a small puzzle or game



Oxytocin is often associated with feelings of love, affection and bonding

Give someone a long hug

Including yourself

Play with a pet

Do a kind act for someone

Tell someone you love them

Play with kids

Cradle a baby

Give someone a genuine compliment

Wrap yourself in a comfy and warm blanket

Cuddle with a loved one

While in bed

Watching TV



Serotonin is often associated with mood regulation and happiness.

Practice meditation, such as a simple breathing meditation

Go for a long walk.

Spend more time outside and learn to appreciate

 Every day nature.

Sit in the sun and enjoy it

Especially when boosting mental health in the winter

Pursue a creative hobby







Identify one thing you are grateful for every day

Make gratitude a daily Mental Habit



Endorphins are often associated with stimulation, energy, and feelings of relief (pain-killers).

Laugh a lot with friends.

Watch a comity movie or funny TV show.

Go for a long run

Also known as “runner’s high”

Have an intense workout at the gym

Engage in competitive activity.

Dance to fast and upbeat music

Take a cold shower to shock your body and boost your adrenaline

Get a  chiropractic massage, deep tissue massage or try acupuncture

Enjoy a glass or two of red wine at night

Eat dark chocolate


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