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Become a Compeer Sarasota Children's Program Volunteer.

Help Kids with Mental Health Disorders Become Better Kids.

The Compeer Youth Mentoring Program encourages youth with mental health disorders to build self-confidence, self-reliance, and healthy relationships. This is achieved by involving them in one-to-one mentorships, with people just like you, in regular positive social contact. Youth are referred into the program by their therapists, school counselors, or case managers -- made with sensitivity to the interests and availability of the youth and you -- the volunteer.


Compeer Sarasota is backed by a national friends and mentor program that believes volunteers just like you can make all the difference in the lives of young people living with mental illness in the local area.

Typically, you spend about 4 hours per month together in the community. Mostly, it’s you doing the things you regularly enjoy, and sharing that with someone who truly appreciates your time and company.

Long time Sarasota resident Dale Wolfson heads up the Compeer Sarasota Youth Program.
Ms. Wolfson brings a solid career of educating
at-risk children as well as directing programs within many communities - a perfect match for the nationally based Compeer Youth Mentoring program.


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